Monday, 4 December 2017

SSC Quant Syllabus 2017

Among all the sections of the SSC CGL examination, the section that stands out is that of the SSC Quant Syllabus 2017. Quantitative Aptitude section is a crucial section and thankfully so. If you have good command over this section, you can score 40 – 45 questions in just 40 minutes. It is known to be a scoring area for those who consider Mathematics as one of their stronger sciences.

All that is needed is a strong basic knowledge and a sharp mind to quickly solve questions without compromising on accuracy. A major factor to do so, would be the use of tricks, shortcuts and strategies.

To help you get a proper breakdown of the paper, here is the predicated pattern for the SSC Quant in India.

The SSC quant syllabus 2017 is as follows:

1-2 Qs
1-2 Qs
0-1 Qs
Ratio and Proportion
1-2 Qs
0-1 Qs
Problems on age
0-1 Qs
Speed Time and Distance
1-2 Qs
Profit and Loss
1-2 Qs
Number series
0-1 Qs
Number system
1-2 Qs
2-3 Qs
Data Interpretation
0-3 Qs
Time and Work
1-2 Qs
Mixture problems
0-1 Qs
2-3 Qs
3-4 Qs
2-3 Qs

The following observations can be made from the past years:

1.    As of 2016, the number of questions in the SSC quant in India have been cut down to 25 from the earlier 50 questions. The 2017 paper is also believed to accommodate 25 questions in the SSC quant section.

2.    Questions on Percentage, Profit and Loss, Interest have been consistent over the years (2010-2016)

3.    Data interpretation (bar graphs, pie charts, table analysis) and mensuration are chapters of moderate difficulty with more number of questions in the overall quant section.

4.    The same can be said for Geometry and Trigonometry. Make sure you are well versed in trigonometric identities and congruency conditions and coordinate geometry. Some exam takers often find this section to be slightly more challenging because of the number of formulas involved. But this can be tackled with pre-planned rigorous preparation.

5.    Topics like Ratio Proportion and Theory of Interest are easy to prepare for and can be complete scoring questions.

Make the most of this analysis and with the right amount of dedication and hard work, you should be well on your way to acing the SSC quant section. All the very best!

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